Aug 092009

For various reasons it is sometimes handy to have short URLs to my posts. After reading this post and some surfing around I selected as short URL service.

I couldn’t find a simple WordPress plugin to create and display short URLs, so I wrote and Tweet. As the name suggests this plugin can send a customizable Twitter message containing the created short URL too. This plugin can also inserts code into the page header for short url auto-discovery.

There is no setup required if you only want to automatically create short URLs when saving posts and display them above your posts. If you want to send Twitter messages, you just have to enter your Twitter user name and password. The appearance can be modified by some settings and/or by modifying a style sheet.


This plugin requires PHP 4.3.0 only.

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  2 Responses to “WordPress plugin: and Tweet”

  1. Been looking for something like this all day. Got it working on one of my blog. Thanks for the plugin work perfectly.

    • I am glad the plugin is useful to you! Maybe you can rate the plugin in the WordPress repository too? Some people have rated this plugin not so good, but I am puzzled why.