Aug 282009

Recently I published the One-Time Password WordPress plugin to be able to login more safely into my weblog to write my travel stories in internet cafés. I wanted something similar to access my e-mail. I considered using my weblog URL as OpenID, but most e-mail providers support OpenID only as provider, not as consumer (meaning that you cannot login with an OpenID). But suddenly I thought why not access my e-mail directly from my WordPress dashboard using a pre-stored password? This is exactly what the Mini Mail Dashboard Widget plugin offers, with the option to receive SMS messages when new e-mail messages arrive (using the services of VoipBuster or one of its clones).

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Mini Mail Dashboard Widget

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  1. Support questions can be asked in this forum now.

  2. Hy Marcel! Im your number 1 fan for Mini Mail!!! It’s so awesome!
    I have used a time ago Clickatell but now if i found this website the costs are incredible small.
    I need your help with some implementation of an cheap SMS provider (http: // in your plugin.
    Can it be done Marcel? Thank you pal

  3. Hello,
    when i try to send or replay an E-Mail i get the error message “malformed input”.
    I only entered the recipient, the subject and the message “test”.
    How wrong can that be?

    Does anyone have the same problem?
    Any help is very appreciated.


    • “malformed input” is not a message from the plugin, may from the Zend library or from the mail provider. Try formatting the e-mail address like this:

      "First Last" <>

  4. Can you describe how the sms notifications work? After setting it up with clicktatell i am able to send sms from the dashboard widget but when messages arrive i am unsure how and when mini mail would sms the number given in the settings profile about a new message. I have not purchased credit from cilckatell so its only in the testing mode but it should still send out an activitiy sms to indicate its working. Otherwise great plugin and I might contribute to its development and its documentation. I have found out a bunch of hairy details from experimenting that may help in its use.

    • To get SMS notifications for new e-mail, you should enable both the ‘Enable’ and ‘Notifications’ options (the first two) and there should be a valid ‘Schedule’ to check e-mail. Try this schedule (weekdays only):


      If you have seen the messages on the dashboard already, no notifications will be send anymore.

      An easy way to try is to enable ‘Debug’ and use the ‘Cron’ option from the dashboard, which simulates a background e-mail poll.

      Any contribution to the development of this plugin is appreciated (documentation, bug reports, feature requests, review, code).

      • i made a front end widget that tells when new mail is ready to be read. so i might send you the code for that, its pretty simple but only works for a single user so far. tips I would give people is to limit the number of messages to be displayed to 100 or less if they get out of memory errors – its alot to ask a script to retrieve information about many messages. An ajax message range buttons would be nice, say a “<>” etc to load messages within a range so that the entire inbox can still be transversed while keeping within script resource limits. I also think the mail library has problems with SSL if connecting to a domain without a valid SSL certificate so maybe this API has an option to ignore that and proceed with the mail server connection anyway.

        • Thanks for your feedback! Mini Mail uses the Zend library for e-mail transport. As far as I know there is no option to ignore invalid SSL certficates. The number of messages displayed can already by limited by a settings. I want to keep the user interface as simple as possible, so no ajax previous or next. Mini mail is not meant as replacement for a real e-mail client.

  5. Hello,

    I have installed your plugin Version 1.41 on WP Version 3.3.1. After configuration it works fine BUT…one i’m trying to send a mail to many recipients and add them on BCC, the plugin send the mail ONLY to the “TO” recipient.

    Suggestions are welcome.

    • I have just tested this to be very sure and it is working as should.
      Note that nobody who receives the e-mail can see who received a BCC.

      • Marcel,

        I know that, that’s why I have tried to send to several email account that i have access. But my message wasn’t exact. So sending a mail to 1 recipient “TO” and 1 recipient “BCC” is working but if tried to sent a mail to 1 recipient “TO” and >1 recipient “BCC” is not working. i have tested with syntax;;

        Maybe the syntax is not good ? Let me know.

  6. Awesome plugin. I can send messages but I am having a problem with receiving messages.

    It comes up with this message “cannot connect to host; error = php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known (errno = 0 )”.

    • If you entered a valid POP or IMAP server address, then it could be that DNS is not working correctly on the hosting server. If this is the case, only your hosting provider can solve this.

  7. Hi, i successfully downloaded and installed this plugin. I am using WordPress’ latest version. However, when i activated it, it triggered an error and couldnt activate. What could the problem be?

    The error was something like this:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Required function “mb_convert_encoding” does not exist

  8. Thanx för Great plugin!

    Do you have a [hook] for adding widget to a page?
    Ability to save/archive incoming mail to forlders?

    Best regards

    • Do you have a [hook] for adding widget to a page?

      The widget is designed to work only on the backend.

      Ability to save/archive incoming mail to forlders?

      Mini Mail is intented as a simple e-mail client to quickly read/write e-mails from WordPress. For this reason it has limited functionality, so archiving is not possible, sorry. You’ll have to use another e-mail client for this.

  9. Since most ADMINs have an email account on the very same hosted account used for the WP site is there not a simpler way to connect to your email client on the server ?

    • I don’t see how this question is related to the Mini Mail Dashboard Widget. Can you explain in more detail what you want or what your problem is? The plugin just needs a mailbox to check, it doesn’t matter where it is.

  10. Hey Marcel, nice plugin you have made. I need to display the “Sent Items” too, is there a way I can get this data from within your plugin?

    By the way would you like to have it translated into Brazilian Portuguese?

    Many thanks

    • The plugin has no own mail storage, so there is no sent box.
      A workaround is to use the option ‘BCC self‘.

  11. Attachements are not working for me! Tried to send an attachement of 1MB to myself but i did not receive it. Any help?


    • Was sending the e-mail with attachment successful?
      Did you look into your spam folder?

      • The email was sent successfully but recipients did not receive the attachment. Tried to send it with both PHPmail and SMTP but still the attachment is not included.

        In gmail the response i get is “Attachments may be unavailable.”

        In Mail i get the following “This is a message in Mime Format. If you see this, your mail reader does not support this format.”

        • I just tested it with an image as attachment and it was received okay in g-mail.

          What type of attachment did you send? Image? Document?

          Maybe the mime type is incorrect/missing due to configuration issues on the hosting server. The PHP function mime_content_type is being used to determine the mime type. If this function isn’t present application/octet-stream will be used.

          You can contact me through the contact form. I will reply and then you can try sending a message to me, so I can look into it.

        • Could you please install the development version (follow the link in the changelog), enable debugging (a plugin option) and try again sending a message with attachment and post the debug info displayed in the dashboard widget here?

  12. hi can you tell me what is causing this error message?

    cannot connect to host; error = php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known (errno = 0 )

  13. Hi,

    With this plugin, how about config it to send an receive email?