Aug 242010

If you have been traveling to developing countries, like India, you may have experienced that using WordPress on slow connections and/or slow computers can be an exercise in patience. To solve this problem I wrote another new WordPress plugin “Light Post” that allows you to publish and edit posts a lot quicker in such circumstances. The price is that you can only edit HTML and that you only have a basic set of features available, like choosing the title, category and tags. Availability of JavaScript and Flash is not required, but when JavaScript is enabled you can upload and insert images. To prevent loading of the chunky WordPress administration panel, the plugin redirects the browser directly after logging in to an alternate post management screen outside the normal WordPress environment (this can be turned off with a setting). Just one click brings you back to the normal WordPress rich edit screen and visa versa (look in the ‘Publish’ meta box for a link).

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  4 Responses to “WordPress plugin: Light Post”

  1. how enable mediaupload ? – my english is bad

    • Don’t worry about your English. If JavaScript is enable you can click on ‘Dynamic content‘ to show the (basic) upload dialog.

  2. As I travel a lot in developing countries, this may just offer a great solution. Also for gprs mobile connections to laptops etc.